SYSTEMA / New Zealand

Training Session Example 2


         Ground Movement Warm-up

- Use your arms/shoulders to drag your body/legs - we call them ‘deadlegs’. Done on your front and back.

- Sitting, use your fists with your arms along side of your body/locked out, to ‘walk’ your body along the ground. Keep strong natural structure in fist/wrist/forearm. Change the orientation of your fist from time to time.

- Free movement: rolling, coming to knees, threading, no hands assisting, worming, crawling - opening yourself up/be playful

- With partner, go to ground. Hold hands, link arms, one arm wraps others body. Both working together and back to your feet

- As above but now when on the ground, still linked, a bit of free movement

- Rolling with partner, linked in some way - holding hands to begin with.

- Partner laying on the ground, you lay across him then roll on top of him. Work slowly, allow him to relax, adjust pressure as needed - listen to his breathing/if it becomes strained, lighten the pressure. Make sure to work the whole body - from ankles to the head and neck.

- One standing/ the other laying on the ground. Stand on your partners hand, he then tries to move under the restriction.

***Trade around partners a lot, feel how different people work/respond.

***Work relaxed, breathe, be soft - if working on cement or hardwood floor, make sure to look after each other. Try to stay away from ‘clunking’ movement - work should be done very quietly.     

         Grab Drills/Games

- Standing with partner, face to face. Take turns at attempting to grab one another’s body (start with the hand/wrist). Take your hand away - big movements to start with then become more subtle as drilling continues.

- Same as above, 2 on 1

- Working with partner, perform grab drill but now with your feet moving. Let the attackers movements direct yours.

1st round - large/extended stepping

2nd round - thighs and knees locked together

3rd round - feet together/hopping

4th round - combination of all the above

***Make sure that the partner grabbing is working with good intention - meaning that if you were not to move away he would grab you.

- Now allow yourself to be grabbed (on the wrist). Feel where the attacker is leading you. See how you can work using/blending with his movement.

The attacker starts lightly (but with good intention) and as you progress and experiment with options the attack/grab becomes heavier, more resistant - try to find ways of working efficiently.

Look to see how your body can function under the restriction of the grab. Open up to the understanding that if we don’t fight the point of contact, that tension will not creep into the rest of our body, shutting down our options.

      Conditioning Round

- Group/partners perform push-up in a line/shoulder to shoulder

- Squats, back to back with partner

- Push-up on partner (fist or palm)

          End of Session

(End the session with something low-key and playful)

This session was ended with the whole group working a grab game together - opening up the things that were worked on during the session. Bit of a free-for-all, working in a small area - grab whoever is close while trying to avoid being grabbed, everyone working against everyone else.