SYSTEMA / New Zealand

Information brief

I have been contacted a number of times now with questions such as:

     - "What is it that your group does?"

     - "How do you run a training session?"

     - "My friends and I want to start training, where do we start?"

So to answer a few of these questions (and start some new ones for myself!) I've gone through my training journal and pulled out some of the sessions we've had in our group here in Auckland.  

These examples are by no mean definitive and the System is something that really needs to be expressed in the flesh - but  they do give a good sampling of what we work on in our group.

It is not my intention to try to formalize or put a structure to the System and training.  And these examples are just meant to stimulate ideas and share within the community what it is we work on.  They should not be looked at as 'lesson plans'. 

The work we do is based on seminars that members have attended, video information and from chatting via the computer with instructors around the world.

I always tell people that are interested to look into resources available and of course, to come down and train but the idea of these pages is just give a brief look into some of the work that Systema Auckland does. 

Good training to you,


SystemaNZ/Auckland Training Group