Training continues - Check in 16.04.10

Posted by systemanz on April 16, 2010 at 3:01 AM

Ay Crew,

Things roll along for the group here in Auckland. We're now set up over at Outhwaite Park in Grafton for our week-night training.  The hall at the park is small but will accommodate us nicely, I think.

Training inside on Tuesday we were able to use the walls for stretching and conditioning.  And further, we used the walls of the hall to limit our movement and force us to work against an obstacle. This really makes you open up and access your body in different ways.

On Thursday night, we trained outside.  Again, we used the park equipment, this time a large free-standing BBQ hub, to limit our movement.  As the sun went down we had to adjust to the low light levels. There are a couple large lights at the park but I heard commented a few times by the crew - ''I can't see your fist".......this I think is a good thing, the low light makes us develop our intuition rather than relying on what we usually use.

I guess the whole thing is - adaptation.  Adaptation in our training situation, adaptation in drilling, adaptation in our conditioning exercises. We also need to extend this to our lives outside the training sessions.

How often are we faced with situations where we walk into it with certain expectations that aren't met. Our minds attempt to classify, preempt, devise plans......but more often than not the way things pan out are miles off from where we thought they'd be.

I go through this quite alot in my work as a police officer. We are taught to hit the ground running with plan. But there are so many factors zooming around that sometimes your plan can become a hinderance and close you off to what is actually taking place at the time - sometimes right in front of your face!

My work with the System is helping me to overcome this. Through work in drilling that forces us to work spontaneously my reactions to situations have taken a dramatic turn for the better. I find that my 'tunnel-vision' has eased a lot and my overall calmness has increased even when faced with very difficult problems.  I have found that I am not as easily drawn into letting my emotions go and getting ramped up by the situation.  There is a certain detachment, some would call it professionalism, that has really taken root.

People often ask "Have you had to use this stuff (Systema) before?"

And the answer is "Yes, all the time!"

I think we need to get away from the idea that we turn the System on and off in our lives like a faucet.  Away from the idea that it is only brought out during times off stress or violence.  Yes, there is that side to it but the work we do should stay with us at all times.  This will make our lives fuller and allow us to really open up to the world and people, the good and the bad. The System seems to hit into the core of ourselves and magnify our senses, letting us 'see' things for what they really are.........



Just some thoughts..........hope to see you out at training sometime!!





SystemaNZ/Auckland Group 




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Reply Justin Ho
10:32 PM on April 19, 2010 
Mate, that's brilliant. I'm glad things are working for you.

Good luck in the new training location.