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Work from the March 2011 Hamilton Workshop

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Please check the training notes page for all the drills we covered - The work was completed at a 4 hour Saturday session in support of the new group training in Hamilton.  We had 14 people working to together through some challenging work - it was great to see everyone supporting one another as we put in a great effort to understand the foundations of ground movement (among other things).  Thanks all!!

Thanks to everyone that came out for the training - this is very much a learning process for me and it really helps having a crew that is patient, hardworking and has a sense of adventure!! Until next time - cheers!!

SystemaNZ Status Report

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Hello all,

       I hope this finds you all well and that your training is productive.  Just a short update for you of things relating to the System here in NZ.

Recent developments have a new training group springing up and another seminar in the near future!


      Les HAYES, a fixture at the NZ seminars is happy to announce that he has organized a weekly training group for Hamilton. At this stage, the group will meet once a week and looks to get some good work done. Great job Les and thanks for the effort - please find details on the 'NZ Groups' page.

Further news has Dave QUAILE returning to NZ in April.  Dave will continue his efforts to help the System grow here in NZ.  Dave has been a steadfast resource for us and the materials he has presented have been well received and work at the foundation of skill development. 


       I encourage anyone that can to get down for a weekend of challenges and cameraderie!!

Please check the 'Upcoming Events' page for details or contact Mike NABER -


       As for the Auckland Group, things are running along nicely.  We've been having a number of new people showing up for training (although......we'd like to see some of the older faces alot more too!!)

With new people coming through we've had the great chance to slow things down and really get back to the nitty-gritty of the foundation work.  It gives those of us that have been training for longer the opportunity to really begin to refine the work we've been doing.


       I'm glad to say that the level of trust amongst the group has really elevated.  This has led to members opening up and talking things through alot more. On a physical level we're now able to really push one another in good ways.

Also, an important element that had fallen by the wayside - the circle up at the end, is back in full swing.......we had gotten out of the habit of doing this due to time constraints - but are finding it a very useful tool that should not be overlooked.



       On a personal level, I've finally gotten it together for a trip to Toronto and SystemaHQ!!Later in the year, I head off for 6 weeks of full-time training with Vladimir and also Emmanuel MANOLAKAKIS.  At the prospect I am both excited and nervous!! I'm ready to put in the hard yards and will endeavour to bring back as much info as I can to pass along to the NZ crew.  (I'll extend this offer to whoever is interested - If you've specific questions you want asked - just email them to me and I'll try my best to get them answered.......)

So, things are all go for SystemaNZ!!


       As I've said before, I'm still getting enquiries from people that show alot of enthusiaism about training the System but just never show up for training sessions!?! You can talk about it all you want but it all means nothing unless you get out and get working - results come from the effort and scarifice you put one is going to do it for you - we're more than willing to help, but the first step to be taken is yours!!

And to those, that come and go, saying that they 'get it'......sorry to tell you but training once/twice a month ain't gonna do it........what is said above applies to you also......


Those of us that have been training week in and week out for the last few years have made great strides in skill development but in terms of 'getting it' are just scratching the unless you're one of the VERY lucky and naturally talented then you must get out and put the work in - like I've said before, the more people training the System and working through the ideas and principles the better for everyone (not just your training partners but all that you're in contact with!!)

So, enough for now........come out, get down to business, have some fun and grow.

Best regards,


SystemaNZ/Auckland Training Group



The Work Continues

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Ay Crew,

As the title says - the work continues here for SystemaNZ.

The Auckland group has been getting some good work done. I am glad to say that everyone has seemed to come to terms with the advice - slow down. This was a very big step for my own training and I'm happy that the others are seeing the value and benefits in the method. It provides you with the ability to explore and build that solid base from which everything can grow naturally. 

Outside of the regular training group I have had a few opportunities now to train with the Auckland Central Tactical Policing Unit (this is a unit that deals with a lot of street disorder, fighting, anti-social behaviour, among other aspects). Mostly I've stuck to conditioning in the past but the last session we really got stuck into some good work regarding - accepting contact, working against restriction and evasion. Showing these things to Police can be tricky but the material seemed well received.

Before starting the drilling, I made sure to get the guys and gals VERY tired - lots of slow conditioning......trying to break down the old stand-bys - muscle, strength, ego.


Most L.E.O. don't like contact let alone to be pushed around and this was the first big hurdle to get over.  A fun drill was just to have them partner up and one at a time smother, rub, push and pull each other faces - their task was to just relax. It took a few rounds for the walls to start coming down - but eventually some seemed comfortable with the contact. They then asked where the drill progresses to and I allowed myself to be punched in the face and showed them that I needed to survive the contact and be able to still function - get my own work done.

We then continued onto restricting the body with some 'grappling'/holds and fear work through rigorous conditioning drills - SLOW push-ups being the 'favorite', or at least mine!!


I hope to be able to continue this work because it opens up some very interesting questions.  I find it to be very challenging and interesting working with/against people that don't know anything about the System. I find sometimes that it is hard to get the crew in the regular training group to work resistively - I think this is generally because during drilling we are both working on ourselves (no matter what role we take), so in taking care of ourselves and our partners we can be too compliant sometimes - I personally think that this can be a slippery slope away from developing solid functional skills in some regards. (Sure it develops an ability to deal with attack in a brilliant manner - but on the other hand it can be deceptive to the true realties of a goal driven attacker who really doesn't care about getting hurt.......this is what I mean by 'interesting questions'.......) 

But with the cops there is more problem solving involved as they are just functioning as they normally would - lots of tension, ego, etc.....and usually pretty rough and tumble. I'd suggest this to anyone that has a chance - work against people that don't practice the System, not trying to prove anything but just to see how you function against someone that doesn't know the 'rules'. Or at least, push the partners in your group by being resistive - a pain in the neck, non-compliant. This doesn't mean there needs to be rushing or working fast, against the principles - but rather makes a great crucible to see how YOU function under pressure.

But anyways, as usual I'd like to see more people coming out for training - I've 20 + names in my phone but we hardly see some of the guys.  You get out what you put in - and this means everyone needs to come out and get stuck into the work.

I've said this before and I'll continue to say it - it is HARD WORK. But that's what makes it so beneficial, interesting and exciting.  I think misconceptions come from people watching video clips of the top notch practioners (Vladimir, Mikhail, Martin, Kwan, Kevin.....the list goes on). In the clips these guys are shown to be working so effortlessly - the misconception comes in when people come out for sessions and find that the training is not effortless but rather the opposite.

Some of these people have gone through things that you probably wouldn't wish on your worst enemy.  All have put in countless, sweaty, confronting hours to be able to function as they do.


And that's where what I'm talking about above comes in - working against restrictive, non-compliant partners. Through this experimentation and pressure work we will boost our ability to survive in adverse conditions, against seemingly overwhelming odds - as those top-notch workers do.

I think this type of work needs to be in place and balanced with everything else. And of course, it all needs to take place in an environment of caring, well thought out progression and mutual respect.

As Alex KOSTIC says - we are 'equal explorers of corporal movement'.

Good training to you and hope to see you out there sometime.

Best regards,


SystemaNZ/Auckland Training Group

***Also as an aside - how many people are doing there own research into the System and it's methods? I know this can't take the place of getting stuck in with the group, but there is ALOT of great information out there - dvds, articles, forums........even if you were to read and article a week and take the info along to your weekly session and put it into practice for yourself (and your partners) I'm sure the benefits would speak for themselves......just  a thought.

Reflections on Dave QUAILE Seminar August 2010-08-23

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Ay Crew,

I’ve just returned to Auckland from a weekend seminar held down in Christchurch. My mind is ticking over with thoughts from the work we did and the lessons learned – some of them very confronting, but more on that shortly.


Teaching was Australian instructor David QUAILE. Dave is from the school of thought that believes that the work should not be shortcut. He is a firm advocate in slow, hard and conscientious effort. Although a hard taskmaster, he is also a compassionate and thoughtful instructor who’s only demand is that we look to better ourselves through adherence to the four base principles of the System – Breathing, relaxedness, Structure/Form and Continuous Movement.

On the breaks, Dave was also very open to questions and even a bit of healthy debate on a number of subjects – something that I enjoyed very much.

I won’t get too involved in explaining the specific details of the drills we went through. Suffice to say that we worked on the ground a lot, against grabs/holds, against punches and multiple attackers. I’ll touch on these drills as needed but my aim here is log some of important points Dave touched on and how they affected my own work.

Working Slowly –

While working the ground with a partner, Dave continually instructed us to slow things down. After a number of times being told to slow down, I was excited when Dave said to me ‘That’s your optimum learning speed.’ And, I’ll tell you what – IT WAS A LOT SLOWER THAN I WOULD HAVE EVER IMAGINED!!

At that moment I was quite shocked, I had thought I was doing rather well at ground movement! However, through my rushing, I was relying on my limbs to do the work that my body should have been doing. This had the effect of adding unnecessary tension to my body.

I was not feeling the ground, myself or my partner/opponent. I was missing openings. Through slowing and softening myself I began to develop sensitivity to, and awareness of, opportunities to begin working against my partner in a less hurried, calm and overall more functional way.

In the end, through slow work, my body began to ‘think’ for itself. Physically, my movements took on a worm-like contraction and expansion. (Thank you Alex for pointing this out and helping me understand how to work with this!! Believe me, there is still a lot of work to be done in this area, and I think learning to listen to our body is one of the most important things.

Using the Body –

Dave was adamant that we use the body in all our endeavours, whether standing or on the ground. Just this aspect has a number of factors to consider – keeping the structure, working from the core, being ‘relaxed’.

Each time Dave has come over he has explained a bit more about what structure and form is. He explained that although our optimum body position is upright, shoulders over hips, that there are times when we may not be able to maintain this.

Dave stated that we should think about ourselves as if we were a steel sphere.

No matter what how we would be pushed we would still remain the same shape.

Further, he explained that good form means that we are engaged at all times. This allows us to move where and how we need to, when necessary – with no breaks, i.e. continuous movement.

A number of questions were asked about moving from the core. With a laugh, Dave said that we’re not talking about ‘six-pack abs’ when we’re talking about the core. The core in the System is the tendons and ligaments. These are what we are trying to strengthen in our conditioning drills – push-ups, squats, etc. They are the springs that give us tremendous power if we can learn to activate and harness them.


Blair brought up a good point on one of the breaks. He stated that in Tai Ji they refer to this as ‘steel wrapped in cotton’, the idea that the muscles should be soft and the tendons activated and strong.

During the same break we discussed the spring. Dave had a great point that a spring is just a spring – there is no tension there. It works as needed when pressure is applied to it whether that force is compression or expansion.


There is no change in the form or level of tension in the spring itself, the only change is in the outside forces applied to it. The spring remains ‘relaxed’.

This is what we seek when we work towards ‘relaxation’. We need to work with what we have. We all have to work from where we are, seeking to improve as we can. As for myself, as I work towards flexibility and control, I need to work with my tension – acknowledge it, manage it, find ways to overcome it.

Again the only way to find and acknowledge tension is to work SLOWLY.

Funny how it’s all linked together, ay!!

Further -

As I read over this, I think that the way to sum it up is the old adage – ‘Know Thyself’. This is the work........through all our drilling and conditioning we look within ourselves and seek ways to improve.

It starts with the breathing, develops through adherence to the principles and is kept on going through conscientious work – careful exploration of our psyches, physical limitations, and spirit.

To end, I’d just like to say thank you to Dave – he definitely has a way of provoking questions within me. Sometimes this stirs up the emotions but it’s all part of the training, right!?!

A very big thank you to Mike for working through the logistics of the event. He met with a few stumbles on the way but persevered and came out smiling in the end.

To all those that came out for training, it was pleasure to see old faces and meet some new ones too. Big shout out to the Sydney crew who travelled over to support Dave and the System here in New Zealand. Thanks everyone for their effort, it makes the training all the better.


As I go over my notes I’ll try to get another piece together about what I term the paradoxes of the System........more questions stirred up over the weekend.....thanks Dave!!

Training continues - Check in 16.04.10

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Ay Crew,

Things roll along for the group here in Auckland. We're now set up over at Outhwaite Park in Grafton for our week-night training.  The hall at the park is small but will accommodate us nicely, I think.

Training inside on Tuesday we were able to use the walls for stretching and conditioning.  And further, we used the walls of the hall to limit our movement and force us to work against an obstacle. This really makes you open up and access your body in different ways.

On Thursday night, we trained outside.  Again, we used the park equipment, this time a large free-standing BBQ hub, to limit our movement.  As the sun went down we had to adjust to the low light levels. There are a couple large lights at the park but I heard commented a few times by the crew - ''I can't see your fist".......this I think is a good thing, the low light makes us develop our intuition rather than relying on what we usually use.

I guess the whole thing is - adaptation.  Adaptation in our training situation, adaptation in drilling, adaptation in our conditioning exercises. We also need to extend this to our lives outside the training sessions.

How often are we faced with situations where we walk into it with certain expectations that aren't met. Our minds attempt to classify, preempt, devise plans......but more often than not the way things pan out are miles off from where we thought they'd be.

I go through this quite alot in my work as a police officer. We are taught to hit the ground running with plan. But there are so many factors zooming around that sometimes your plan can become a hinderance and close you off to what is actually taking place at the time - sometimes right in front of your face!

My work with the System is helping me to overcome this. Through work in drilling that forces us to work spontaneously my reactions to situations have taken a dramatic turn for the better. I find that my 'tunnel-vision' has eased a lot and my overall calmness has increased even when faced with very difficult problems.  I have found that I am not as easily drawn into letting my emotions go and getting ramped up by the situation.  There is a certain detachment, some would call it professionalism, that has really taken root.

People often ask "Have you had to use this stuff (Systema) before?"

And the answer is "Yes, all the time!"

I think we need to get away from the idea that we turn the System on and off in our lives like a faucet.  Away from the idea that it is only brought out during times off stress or violence.  Yes, there is that side to it but the work we do should stay with us at all times.  This will make our lives fuller and allow us to really open up to the world and people, the good and the bad. The System seems to hit into the core of ourselves and magnify our senses, letting us 'see' things for what they really are.........



Just some thoughts..........hope to see you out at training sometime!!





SystemaNZ/Auckland Group 




Happy New Year. Check in - 20.01.10

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Ay Crew,


Has been awhile since I checked in.......funny how time flies by.  The good news: Things are ticking along very well for SYSTEMA New Zealand and it looks to be a great year. 


Our group here in Auckland has been getting some great work done, with steady turn-outs from our core crew and a few new faces dropping in.  It'd still be great if we could get a few more to the training sessions on a more regular basis.......I've got 20 some names on my phone now but we're only getting 5 - 6 along at a time.......our growth will only come from our hard-work, we must train..........


From the sounds of it the groups in Christchurch and Wellington are going well.  I thank Mike, Blair and the crews for their diligence.


The countdown continues, with only a month left until Dave QUAILE returns for his two seminars.  Everything is on track and we've had a great response.


The Auckland seminar is fully booked out and I actually opened a few extra spots as I'm still getting queries about the sessions.

At the last seminar with Dave, we had about 15 persons in attendance, this year we will have about 40 split between the two seminars.  This shows that the interest is out there and the word is getting around.


I thank everyone that has laid down the cash for this venture. I know things cash-wise are pretty tight all around.  We're in a period where people in general are not spending money on things like this.  It goes to show that people see the benefits in the System and what it has to offer. 


At the seminar we'll see about getting Dave back over later in the year and I'll keep everyone posted as we work out the logistics.


Also, I've contacted a couple other Australian instructors about the possibility of coming over mid-year. Just waiting for responses and again logistics........I'll also be making enquires with those in attendance at Dave seminar and gauge interest.


Further than that.........if the interest is there and people are willing to dig deep.......I'll look to get one of Vlad's senior guys over here in 2011.  Again, logistics logistics logistics...........we have to find a balance of keeping it affordable for everyone and keeping the numbers low enough that we are all getting some personal attention from the instructor and of course, taking care of whomever it is we get over.


So, things are looking great from where I'm sitting and I'll continue to put my best foot forward to represent the System in the proper manner.  If anyone has input, ideas, questions I'm more than willing to listen and work things out......communication is key.


All my best for the New Year and hope to see ya out at training sometime.





Systema Training Group

Auckland, NZ






Check in - November 2009

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Hey Crew,


Hope this finds everyone well.


Things tick on for SystemaNZ.  The Auckland Group has been having a steady turn-outs over the past weeks/months.  We've established a solid core within the group and have been getting some good work done.


I've been getting quite a bit of interest through the website as of late.  I just wish that all those that have expressed interest would get out for the training sessions!!


I believe that people are a bit put-off that there are no 'certified' instructors running the training.  Well, if that's what they're waiting for they are missing out.  We can only work with what is available........


I continue to seek out instruction when I can through seminars, internet connections, etc.


I have recently returned from Brisbane where I had the good fortune to attend a seminar with Martin WHEELER.  Martin really put us thru our paces and gave some jaw dropping demonstrations. 


The first day revolved around  - Striking and Moving work. 


To begin with he put us thru alot of conditioning drills to get us warmed up - press ups, sit-ups, leg lifts, squats.  Martin says the most important thing is to work on the 'uncomfortable' part of the movement - that part where you tend to rush thru cause it doesn't feel good at all......really slow down, analyze what's happening within your body, and don't get to feeling sorry for yourself!!


The rest of the day was spent during a number of drills from evasion to accepting strikes to the body (and face!!!) and how to deliver a good strike. 


This began with exercises to find the 'inner gryo-scope' within our partners.  Basically as humans we use this to keep ourselves upright, our brain/body is always compensating against gravity with subtle movement.  We looked to find this movement within our partners and exploit it - first with just pushes but then progressing into strike/pushes.


Martin was very keen to try to get over to us that we need to move our bodies more/moving from our centres/hips.


Then came the accepting strikes part......I've never been hit so hard or so many times in my life.  Martin took us thru the three basic levels of stiking: surface, muscle, organs. 


It was amazing to feel the differences between the three:  Surface - just kinda moves your body position, muscle - is like a blunt force trauma that creates tension in some other place on your body/not just the area being struck, organs - is like being stabbed.


Martin gave me a few nice heavy strikes at the muscle level which were ok to deal with and shake off.  Then he would give a short strike to the organs and this was much harder to deal's like you can't find it to try and get rid of it, you really have to slow down and find your breath, find the 'pain' and sort out how to remove it from your body.......really eye-opening stuff.


The day progressed with all partner work and demos.  On a personal level I found the experience of weathering the storm of Martin striking to be a liberating one.  He has a way of being able to read you and keep pushing on to the next level of endurance/relaxation.


Day two began with more conditioning but with a partner.  Lots of resistance work, very demanding.


Next we went onto work against grabs, starting with headlocks.  Martin our partners put us in a nice strong headlock and we were just to relax/keep our structure - not try to fight against.  From there we looked at getting out of the situation, agian staying relaxed. Then we went onto avoiding the headlock prior to contact by moving.


Then we did the same kind of progression for random grabs and strikes.  MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!!!  Martin had us change partners frequently so it was always different.


Martin then brought the two days together and we began to use striking to preempt the attack.  Very devasting.  Martin worked comfortably against three people going at a nice ramped up speed - very fluid.  He explained that you want to create a hole for your oppenent to fall into - you then put something (generally Martin's fist!!!) in the hole for him to run into.


We took a good break for lunch and came back for some knife work.


This began with getting used to holding the knife through massaging your partner with the flat of the blade and hilt.  This was done thru a tapping against the body - searching for his tension.  This gets you used to holding the knife in a solid/soft way.


We then went through a whole progression of drills from evasion to disarming.  Martin stated that it is important to get away from trying to just control the knife hand (usually we grab and hold on for dear life....) and look to control his body.


I won't write to much about this stuff as I'm really still trying to process it........


Again, Martins demo's against two attackers (me as one) had us very confused as he started to turn us against each other.  We laughed at one point that 'maybe we should just kill each other and save the trouble!!!'


So a great weekend, a lot to think about for sure.  I'd like to thank Andrew for setting up the training, the crew in Brisbane - especially Shayne who was kind enough to open his home to me for the night, and of course, Martin - it is strange but in the few training sessions since, I actually miss getting hit with the type of strikes he was delivering.


I hope everyone is making plans for Dave QUAILE's return in February 2010 so we get good turn-outs at both seminars!!!





Systema Training Group

Auckland, NZ   

Checking in - September 2009

Posted by systemanz on September 8, 2009 at 5:41 PM Comments comments (5)

Hey Ya'll,


Just a quick check in with a few updates.


Another success for SystemaNZ with the hosting of Dave QUAILE's third seminar here. 


Dave really put us thru our paces over the weekend.  PRINCIPLES, PRINCPLES, PRINCIPLES!!!!! was the message of the weekend.


Dave had us spend alot of time on the floor moving around and looking for tension in our bodies and minds.  Partner work was based on trying to get our bodies to do the work that we generally rely on arms, muscles and tension for.  This revolved around alot of grab work and further into strike evasion.


On the second day, Dave had us do some interesting work using a stick and tension.  He would have us hold the stick in two hands, one on each end.  Then holding it in various position he would have us try to push our hands together or pull them apart as hard as we could.  We first did this standing in one spot, then walking in a circlle around the room.  Then idea behind the exercise was to use the 'tension/strength' needed but not let it infest the rest of the body.  Very interesting.


We then progressed into more partner drills where we worked 2 - on - 1.  This gave us a chance to see that we needed to strip out all the unnecessary movement.  Again, very interesting......these drills really ramped things up and clearly showed areas that you need to work on - remaining calm, moving, BREATHING!!! Great pressure testing.


So, thanks to Dave, Mike and all who attended.  Hardwork was put in by everyone involved making it the great success that it was!!!


We're looking to have Dave back in about 6 months (February).  We are hoping to hold two seminars - one in Christchurch, one in Auckland.  Keep an eye on the upcoming events page and we'll post details as we figure things out.  Please flick Mike or Loren an email if you'd be interested in attending, just so we can look at numbers and costings, etc.......


Ok, ya'll.......keep up the good work.  Remember, work honestly and hard, great results will follow!!!





Systema Training Group

Auclkand, NZ



July Update

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Hey Crew,


Hope this finds everyone well and training hard.


Things for the Auckland group are rolling on at good speed.  We've been having some good, consistent turn-outs over the last few weeks dispite the crap weather.


We continue to take things slowly and to the best of our ability work through ideas and the associated skill work.  We've been adding alot of conditioning work to our sessions and pushing ourselves in good ways.


Thanks to everyone who has been showing up and putting in the hard yards. Cheers!!!


Good news for Systema in New Zealand - Wellington training groups are up and running!!! Anyone interested should follow the links in the 'NZ Groups' section of the site. 


I just spent a weekend down in Wellington and was able to get in a couple great sessions.  On Saturday we had a short session (1 and 1/2 hour) with a few of the fellas.  We covered some breath work, ground play and kicking drills.


On Sunday we had a nice long session (3 hours) with 9 of us training.  This group consisted of persons from various martial arts background and differing exposure to the System - some none at all, some a year +.  Also, the group was a good cross-section of fitness levels.


 We went through a lot of running/breathing condtioning, work against grabs, pushing drills and some strike work, all peppered with a healthy dose of conditioning drills ( keep us all nice and warm in the very cold wind......)


Everyone was very open to the material covered and we laughed sharing a good natured session.  We ended the session with a great circle chat about the state of things and where we can head to in our practice.


I'd like to thank all the guys who put in a great effort throughout the day! I'd like to pass a big thanks to Blair APPERLEY for getting on the phone and rounding up the fellas for the turn-out. Also, to Edward HARCOURT for getting his own thing going and putting in a good effort.  


As for the future,  I'm actively seeking guidance on putting together good training sessions and would like to learn about setting up a good workshop.  We're also looking to bring some of the Australian instructors over for some seminar work and will post details as we work out the logistics of such endeavors.


Systema in New Zealand will only grow if we make it happen for ourselves!!!  We've got to take the 'bull by the horns' and get things rolling on our own.......if we WAIT for it to happen ---- it simply WON'T.  We've got to make it happen.


And how do we do that?  We use the resources available to us.  We reach out to seasoned instructors for guidance.  We work hard in training and use our brains to work things through. We follow the principles as best we can.  Most importantly I think, we keep our minds open and ticking over.  


So, to all those training - KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!





Systema Training Group

Auckland, NZ 

May Check in

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Hey Ya'll, just checking in with a quick update.


Things with the Auckland group roll on following the natural ebb and flo of such endeavors.  Numbers of those in attendance have dropped for the last month or it the weather!?!......frankly, afew of our members are having to put in extra time with work and don't have time to come down,  and school, among other things........


We, however, are getting a few people here and there coming down to check us out. So, the interest is'd just be great to have them along regularly!!!


Another factor is that we are now training in pretty low light/poor weather conditions at the evening sessions........trying to arrange a indoor location for our Tuesday night session........probably will be at Outhwaite Park (Grafton - near the hospital).....just waiting for confirmation.  It's a small venue but is cheap and will do for the winter months.


We continue to work on foundation practices.  Have been using ideas from Alex KOSTIC's Movement as Defense discs.  I'd recommend this disc to everyone.  The ideas in it are the core of the System and Alex presents the materials in a very straight forward manner.......his demonstration are also very inspiring!!!


We've been focusing alot on body defense by having the defender put his hands in his pockets.  He can only use his body to deal with the attack.  Works great with kicking, striking and grabbing drills.


We work this way for some time in our sessions then the hands come out.......we find then that we're not so focused on our past learning (in other martial arts) and technique based solutions.  It's like - keep it simple and stripped down, more is less and as Dave QUAILE likes to drill into us - get rid of unneeded movement!!!


Paul has brought a great new drill to the group recently - Advantage/Disadvantage.


Here the attacker goes in for the attack and puts the defender into a bad spot.  The defender must get out of the positon in one movement and take the advantage by attacking the other.  Difficult to explain but realy gets the old brain turning over.


We generally start very slow and attack in 'simple' ways - maybe just a push to the shoulder. As we go we ramp things up, as each becomes more comfortable we make it harder for one another - moving onto holds/grabs, working from really broken structures.


On a personal note, I have been working a lot on breath work using pyramids while walking. I am becoming more comfortable with longer/slower breaths......can get up to 12 to 15 steps per inhale/exhale, just depends on the day it seems......still have to pay more attention to breathing when doing group work, for sure........


So, there's a bit of an update.  I'd like to thank Paul, Alex and Eva for their consistancy with training and the great ideas we've been coming up with.  Good to have a core to the group. 


With that said, it'd be great to see more people coming on a regular basis. This will boost the group dynamic and push us on to continued success........hope to see you soon!!!


***Remember Dave QUAILE's next seminar is coming up in August.  Lets have another great turn-out!!! Check 'upcoming events' section for details***