Our thanks

SystemaNZ would like to extend our thanks to Vladimir VASILIEV for allowing us to represent Systema in NZ.

To Valerie VASILIEV at SystemaHQ, our thanks for her assistance in fielding our queries and offering her guidance.

A special thanks to Paul ROWE.  Paul helped get things up and running for Systema here in NZ but has since moved overseas.  His enthusiasm and good humour will be missed.  All our best to him and his family.

To David QUAILE (Instructor - Bundeburg, Australia) for his generosity, patience, and assistance in helping develop the System here in NZ.  His input is greatly appreciated and immeasurable.

Many thanks to Mike NABER (Christchurch Group) for putting in a great effort and extending himself in relation to setting up seminars for us.  His work is a solid reason the System here is where it is today. Cheers!!

And, to all the instructors and students around the world that have answered my questions, stimulated my questions, who are training and promoting an exceptional lifestyle - thank you and we hope to take onboard as much as we can from you all.